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I named my website “Our Divorce Mediation” because your divorce belongs to you and your spouse. The marriage involved both of you and you two have control over how you end it. I believe that if we take the right approach to divorce, you can make it far less unpleasant and spend more of your time focusing on the new lives you are developing and less time dwelling on the end of your marriage. When I designed my divorce mediation program, I focused on making divorce less unpleasant. After a lot of soul searching, observation, and trial and error, I have found that how we approach divorce can be the difference on the how your divorce will impact you in the long term.

No One Leaves a Marriage Without Feeling a Loss

Our Divorce Mediation reminds us that both spouses are going through the divorce. No one leaves a marriage unaffected by the loss. The evidence of this may not be obvious to you, but I have worked on both sides and I can assure you not one client has ever left a marriage without feeling loss.

Divorce Mediation is about Finding Win-Win Solutions

Our Divorce Mediation reminds us that mediation is a system that allows people with different interest to focus on finding mutually beneficial resolutions rather than merely trying to win against the other person. In divorce mediation, we focus on the future so that the agreements create a foundation for the future. When we finish, you have an idea of what lies ahead.

Our Approach Helps You to Remember the Good Times

Our Divorce Mediation reminds us that we can honor the good that came from our marriage, while still acknowledging that the end has come, and we must move into a new chapter of our lives. Divorce doesn’t change that happier times existed. We can dissolve the marriage without dissolving the entirety of the relationship. Remember when you wanted to be married and dreamed of your future together. Remember the day your first child was born. Most marriages are filled with happy memories–even ones that end.  One of the best ways to make it through your divorce is to not see the end as evidence that the whole relationship failed. When you see the whole relationship through the lens of its ending, you cheat yourself out of many years of memories that make up your life. Your marriage was not a total waste. It was a period of your life filled with good times, bad times, hopes, dreams, disappointments, and learning. Your divorce doesn’t change the period that came before it.

So Our Divorce Mediation is an approach to divorce that re-frames how we look at the end of a marriage so that together we can find win-win resolutions. The sooner you have a plan in place for the future; the sooner you will be able to start healing from this loss. When a relationship ends, we have important work to do–emotional, legal, practical–let your approach be one that benefits you in all three of these areas. Our Divorce Mediation is the right approach. Get started today.

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