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Prenuptial Agreements (a.k.a. Premarital Agreements)

If you are reading this page, then congratulations are in order. We strongly recommend prenuptial agreements to anyone considering marriage. Contrary to what some might believe, prenuptial agreements do not increase the likelihood of a divorce. Instead, a well-negotiated prenuptial agreement could go a long way in keeping you out of divorce court.

How can that be?

Prenuptial agreements cover those uncomfortable issues, such as, money and support; the subjects that no one ever wants to discuss. Sadly, too many couples end up in divorce court because of their undisclosed money habits or beliefs. Even sadder is when the spouses don’t discover until they file for divorce all of the financial responsibilities that are wrapped into those vows.

Prenuptial Agreements are also used to determine how to handle debt, reimbursements, and the survivorship rights that you declare in the “until death do you part” statement in your wedding vows.  Protect yourself, and your soon-to-be spouse and other loved ones (for instance, children from a prior relationship) by clearly defining what you are promising to and expecting from your betrothed.


Prenuptial agreements need a minimum of one month to prepare so be sure to start that conversation at least a few months before your wedding day. The sooner you both find lawyers to represent you, the smoother the process will go

Already married?

You can still make agreements with your spouse regarding how certain business or other property will be handled. The term for that type of agreement is a Postnuptial or Post Marital Agreement.

In order to prepare for the first meeting with the attorney, we recommend gathering evidence of your financials, for instance:  deeds, bank statements, retirement statements, tax returns, and credit card statements, so that the attorney knows what your financial situation is going into the marriage.

If you are ready to learn more about whether a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is right for you, we offer a 60-minute in-office consult for $200.00. You may schedule your appointment by clicking here or giving us a call.