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Inheritance disputes arise when beneficiaries or potential beneficiaries disagree about the distribution of a decedant’s estate. Claims can be made for a variety of reasons, including fraud, undue influence, and/or mismanagement of a loved one’s estate. When inheritance disputes arise, you need competent counsel to guide you. At Jarratt Martin Law, LLP, our attorneys are ready and able to take up your cause and help you protect the estate your loved one worked so hard to build. We represent beneficiaries and trustees in Alameda and Contra Costa County. Together we work to resolve your disputes with the least amount of conflict required. We firmly believe in assertive representation with an eye to finding compromise because it is our experience that this approach is the best one to serve our clients. It is our premier goal to provide you with excellent service.

At Jarratt Martin Law, LLP, we pride ourselves on helping our clients to balance their legal rights with their real lives. You do not live in a court room, and your attorney should give you advice and provide you with options that reflect an appreciation of that fact. We implement strategies that consider you as a whole person, not merely a case to be won or lost. With us, our clients are able to resolve their inheritance disputes without destroying their families. You want to work with Jarratt Martin Law, LLP because of our comprehensive approach to your legal matters.

To learn more about how Jarratt Martin Law, LLP can help you, click here to schedule a free initial phone call with one of our attorneys. If you would prefer to meet with us in person, then give our office a call at 925-750-7795 and our staff will set you up for a low cost in office consult. We look forward to showing you the difference compassion makes.