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Let me help you navigate the emotional process of dealing with family conflict. We handle:

  1. Dissolution / Divorce
    Not all divorces can be done cooperatively. And if you are your former partner can’t agree about how to separate your lives, then you need someone on your side to guide you through the complicated and time-consuming process of getting a divorce.At The Law Office of Jennifer E. S. Martin, I represent clients in divorce matters, from filing the initial petition to getting the final judgment of dissolution. I work closely with clients to provide guidance about the many decisions that need to be made and to answer the many questions that may arise as they move through the process. I pride myself on my efficient, cost-effective and professional representation.Let me help you move forward so that you can start on your new journey in life. For more information or to get started on your divorce process, please contact my office to schedule a FREE consultation.If you and your partner want to work together to develop a settlement, I can also help you with your Uncontested Divorce.

  2. Legal Separation
    A Legal Separation is an alternative to divorce for couples that want to separate their lives without officially ending their marriage. If divorce is simply not an option, a legal separation lets you split up your finances and make custody arrangements that are legally enforceable even though the couple remains legally married. It protects your interests and lets you begin a separate life from your partner, knowing that you have legal protection.

  3. Child Support
    If you have physical custody of your child and the other parent isn’t paying his or her fair share, you do have options. Raising children is expensive, especially when one parent won’t pay their share. I can help you negotiate with the other parent to get payments started or help you go to court if necessary to make sure that your child is supported by both parents.

  4. Child Custody
    Have an existing custody arrangement that isn’t working for you anymore? Don’t have a current custody arrangement in place? Let me help you create or modify your custody order to work for your life now. Circumstances change and sometimes those existing custody orders simply don’t fit with your new life; if so, then the order needs to be amended. But to get the order amended, you have to show the court that there is a “changed circumstance” that justifies a revision. Let me help you convince the court that the arrangement needs to change.

  5. Pre or post-nuptial agreements
    Pre or post-nuptial agreements are private contracts between two spouses to specifically designate certain property, which would otherwise be considered community property, as the separate property of one or the other. If you are entering a marriage with significant assets or any real property or you expect to inherit property from your family, you need to protect yourself by creating a pre-nuptial agreement to clarify your interest. Many people have the misconception that a pre-nuptial agreement is somehow disrespectful to their future partner or something that “people in love” simply do not need to worry about, but that could not be farther from the truth. In creating a prenup, you open a dialogue between you and your partner about finances and about expectations for your future together. The agreement makes sure that the two of you are on the same page, leaving no room for fights or interpretation as to what property belongs to what partner. This protects both of you. And, if you are already married, it isn’t too late to protect yourself. You can get a post-nuptial agreement, which protects your separate property and brings clarity to the division of assets in the event of a separation.
  6. Post-decree matters
    If you have a judgment for spousal support, but cannot get the other party to pay what you are owed, you can file a motion for contempt to enforce the order.