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We know the decision to end your marriage was not made lightly. We also realize that the experience is not merely a legal transaction. The California no fault divorce seeks to remove the emotion from your divorce. Writing the emotion out of the law; however, does not take the emotion out of your divorce. We understand you are hurting. No one plans for their marriage to be temporary. You and your spouse may no longer wish to be a family, but the same is not true for your children or extended family. We approach you and your divorce with compassion because we see you as a whole person not just a legal matter. Divorce is a difficult life transition. Our goal is to make that transition more comfortable for our clients.

There are a number of different processes for getting divorced. You can have a contested divorce in court, a collaborative divorce where you settle without ever setting foot in a courtroom, or you can have a hybrid approach where we settle as many issues as we can outside of court and use the court process for the issues we cannot resolve through settlement. We believe that we can make your transition from married to single more comfortable regardless of the process you use to get

We can assist you with all of the different divorce processes. Are you and your spouse willing to work together with a mediator? If so, then Amanda M. Jarratt has a mediation program that will guide you both through the divorce process gently, quickly, and economically. If mediation is not for you, we can represent you through the divorce. Our settlement focused approach does not mean we are unwilling to zealously advocate for you in court. Being settlement focused means that we focus on how to get you an equitable result in the most peaceful and inexpensive method possible. Sometimes that means settling the issues that can be settled and trying the issues that can’t be settled in front of a Judge or Arbitrator. You save money because we help you to distinguish between battles worth fighting and ones that should be settled. Finally, we can assist you by acting as your consulting attorneys. We coach you through the divorce process. Our involvement can be as much or little as you choose.

We are here to guide you through this difficult time and to help you find the resources you need to thrive in your new single life. You can learn more about our services by scheduling your free phone call today.