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Power imbalances in divorce mediation are a serious concern that you should consider when hiring your mediator. Compare the following two couples and the different experiences that they each had in divorce mediation. Couple number one earned similar salaries and had joint access to the financial accounts and holdings. Couple two, on the other hand, were a more traditional couple. Husband worked, controlled all the finances, and wife stayed home and took care of the children.  Both couples decided to use divorce mediation, wise decisions for sure. Couple number one reached fair agreements that benefitted both. Couple number two, in contrast, couldn’t reach an agreement because Husband who had control of the finances gave wife incoherent spreadsheets that made the parties look broke and offered her so little money in spousal support that she would never have any hope of getting back on her feet. Feeling defeated, the wife of couple number two left mediation, hired an attorney, and spent tens of thousands getting a much fairer deal.

What was causing the different mediation experiences?

At first glance, you might be thinking that the problems arose for couple number two because of the power imbalance between them. And you would have a good point. But the purpose of this article is to discuss how to overcome power imbalances so that any two people can benefit from divorce mediation, not just couples who are on equal footing. To overcome the power imbalances, hire a mediator who knows how to level the playing field.

The mediator for couple number one guided the parties through the mediation process. She asked them questions to make sure that both parties voices were heard. She advised them to consult with attorneys outside of the mediation room to ensure that they knew their rights. The mediator for couple number one also required that the parties provide proof to each other of their financial circumstances so they were operating with the same knowledge base.

Mediator number two took a different approach and left it up to the parties to raise the issues that they wished to have discussed in mediation. This is a traditional style often employed in civil law matters. The difficulty in divorce mediation is that the parties are usually in the mediation session without legal counsel. The solution? Employ a leadership mediation style helps to level the playing field between the parties and makes mediation valuable to both of them.

Divorce Mediators Should Be Guides to the Dissolution of Your Marriage

In divorce mediation, the parties’ are coming without legal counsel, emotionally distraught, and in desperate need of guidance. When I created my divorce mediation program, I took these factors into account. Under my guidance, we systemically address each issue in a divorce to make sure that your voice is heard. I provide an educational overview of the law for each topic we discuss. And I ask questions to make sure that you are voicing your opinion. Finally, I recommend that you seek independent legal advice to make sure that you understand your rights.  I do these things to help you reach an agreement that you both feel is fair.  Let me guide you to the next stage of your life. It all starts when you schedule your Free Divorce Mediation Information Call .

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