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Whether Mediation is valuable for short marriages depends on a number of considerations.

This article will discuss three questions for you ask yourselves. (1) How long were you two together prior to getting married? (2) What kind of property do you and  (3) do you have children?

Were you together as a couple longer than you were actually married?

If the answer is yes, then you and your spouse have a possible Marvin issue. Marvin is a Supreme Court case that found that non-married couples can have claims against each other when their relationships end. The claims can be for property purchased during the relationship and in some circumstances for support or at the very least the value of labor one partner provided to the other during the relationship. These claims can be tricky because of the complicated legal theories that support their existence. Working with an experienced Divorce Attorney Mediator can help you to work through these claims as well as the ones that exist within the bounds of your marriage.

Do you own a house or a business?

If the answer is yes, then you and your spouse have possible apportionment and reimbursment issues.  In plain English, part of the house or business you owned prior to marriage may now belong to the community. Or you may have a claim for a reimbursement for monies contributed to the acquistion of a home or business during the marriage. Other issues can also arise when you own a house or business making it wise to consider working with a professional. As a divorce attorney mediator, I am familar with the law and the facts that are needed to determine the value of a business or to divide a home.  As your mediator, I can guide you two to gather the information that you will need to make informed decisions about how to divide your property, and I can refer you to the professionals who will be able to give you dollar values for these assets.

Last but not least, do you two have children?

If you answer yes (even if the children are not from the relationship), then I strongly recommend that you consider working with a mediator. Whether you are sharing biological children or step children, you will benefit from having a neutral third party assist you to develop a plan to maintain the children’s relationships with each parent. This can be especially important when step children are invovled as the law does not adquately cover these special familial relationships that can form between step parents and step children. Through mediation you can reach agreements that are in all of the children in your family’s best interest.

These three questions are not an exhaustive list of reasons to consider divorce mediation for a short marriage. If you are curious whether your divorce would benefit from divorce mediation, schedule you Divorce Mediation Orientation today. It is a small obligation that can make a big impact on how you approach your divorce.

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