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Deciding to get a divorce is a tough decision.  You may have agonized for months over whether to keep trying to make your marriage work, to seek marital counseling, to stay in marital counseling, or to suffer through until the kids reach adulthood.

Eventually, though, the truth became undeniable. You are done. No amount of therapy, time away, date nights, or chances to change will rekindle the romance.

You probably feel relieved to have finally made a decision. You are certain to feel eager about putting your decision into action and return to the status of being single.  As you start to move from the decision-making stage to the implementing-your-decision stage, you are very likely to feel confused, scared and overwhelmed by what lies ahead.

After all, unraveling a marriage is not like breaking up with a high school boyfriend. You have built a life with this person. You share debt with this person, responsibilities, mortgages, property, kids, and pets. Getting a divorce is a difficult, but manageable process.

Do I want a Divorce Court Judgment or a Divorce Settlement?

One of the most important initial decisions is to decide whether you and your spouse want a judge to decide or if you two would like to remain in the driver’s seat and decide how you will divide your assets, share your children, and finance your futures.

Divorce via Court Judgment

Court judgments involve hiring attorneys, filing legal documents, appearing several times in front of a judge, sharing your private lives in public hearings, and mounting legal fees. Eventually, you may have what is called a trial, which is a longer hearing in front of a judge.  Trials are expensive, exhausting, and to be avoided whenever possible.

Unfortunately, some divorces need to go through the court system for a variety of reasons including a lack of cooperation from the other side, domestic violence, hidden assets, and child custody disputes involving addiction issues and abuse.

Divorce via Settlement

If you and your spouse wish to expedite the divorce process, spare your children the pain of lengthy court battles, and avoid spending tens to possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees, then you should consider settling your case outside of court. You have options for settling outside of court including mediation and collaborative law. Both have value, but for many people the expense of collaborative law is prohibitive. Mediation, on the other hand, is a very cost-effective way of dissolving your marriage.

Divorce Mediation has several benefits. Mediation is as quick as you need it to be because the spouses and the mediator control the pace. Mediators cost significantly less two attorneys to slug it out in court. Divorce by Mediation significantly reduces stress on the entire family.

Mediation allows the parties to remain in control of the outcome of their matter. When you submit your case to a judge, the judge makes all of the decisions for you. When you sit down with me to mediate your divorce, I will not tell you what to do. I will help you to find solutions that work best for your family.

Mediation will help you develop a healthy co-parenting relationship. When you decide to mediate your divorce, you have committed to working to resolve any disputes through compromise.  Developing your negotiation skills now will empower you to continue to do so while you co-parent your children.

I can guide you through the mediation process, provide you a safe environment where everyone’s concerns will be respectfully heard, and assist you in finding solutions that meet your families’ needs. I can do this at a fraction of what you would pay to enter a similar settlement using the traditional litigation (court) model. You owe it to yourselves and to your children to try to resolve your conflict without a court battle.

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