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Too many couples come into divorce mediation hoping their holiday schedules will work themselves out. They are so happy to have worked out a shared parenting schedule that many of them are afraid to rock the boat by discussing the holidays. The problem with this approach is they leave mediation with an incomplete agreement that is likely to blow up at the worst possible moment–the holidays. When it comes to sharing custody of your children, assumptions are pretty well guarunteed to bring you grief. Assumptions such as we will rotate every holiday often conflict with the other parent’s assumption that you would just keep using the regular schedule without regard for the holiday. Assumptions lead to disappointment; disappointment leads to fighting, and fighting leads to unhappy children feeling the pulled between their parents.

Use Divorce Mediation to Plan For the Days Ahead (Including the Holidays)

So how do we avoid ruining Thanksgiving for our kids and ourselves? The solution is really much easier than you might realize. You let your mediator help you create a holiday schedule. When I was building my mediation program, my first task was to put together a plan for mediating custody. There are a lot of moving parts that go far beyond just figuring out where the kids will sleep on Wednesdays. And with an experienced attorney mediator like myself, you get a program that was built with all those parts in mind. Not only am I familar with the legal issues you should discuss, but I have practical knowledge of what is likely to arise in the future. Together, we make a plan so that if and when a situation arises, you have done your best to plan for it. It is much easier to solve a problem before it happens. In fact, when you have planned ahead it won’t seem like a problem.

Holiday schedules are just one of the benefits of working with me. I bring a unique prespective to your negotiating table developed from years of personal and professional experience with shared custody. With my help, your new single life can be far more enjoyable than it would be without it. Of course that depends on you making that first call. I can’t help you if you do not call. Its free. You can even schedule it online. So what are you waiting for? Halloween is 5 weeks away.

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