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Now that you have decided to pursue your divorce through mediation, you are probably wondering how to choose your divorce mediator. Here are three questions you should ask potential divorce mediators before selecting one.

  • How do you conduct the mediation sessions?
  • When are you available?
  • How much can we expect to spend?

How do you conduct the mediation sessions?

There is no right answer to this question. Rather what you are looking for is what is right for you and your spouse. There are several approaches to divorce mediation. Some divorce mediators offer to resolve your divorce in a day. Other mediators meet with you for several short sessions varying between 1 and 3 hours.

At the Jarratt Martin Law, we schedule some of our sessions for 1-hour time blocks and others for 2- hour time blocks. The length of the session represents the length of time that I have historically found is needed to cover the agenda for each meeting. One hour meetings are for getting started and reviewing the final agreement. Two-hour meetings, work well for addressing a single legal issue for instance custody or property division. I build in buffers around our appointments so that they can run up to an additional hour if needed because I never want to stop you if you are making progress on an issue. Momentum is very powerful.

When are you available?

Divorce Mediator hours vary so ask about the professional’s working hours. Know ahead of time if you are going to have to take vacation time to go to mediation sessions or hire a babysitter to make it to night or weekend sessions. If the mediator’s availability is inconvenient for you, then you might find yourself feeling unnecessary stress during the sessions. At the Jarratt Martin Law, we offer appointments during business hours, a couple of weeknights each week, and Saturdays if needed.

How much can we expect to spend?

Divorce Mediation is typically less expensive than other routes. However, that does not make it cheap. In fact, I would be wary of any mediator who attempts to draw you in with a price that seems too good to be true. When you are interviewing a mediator, you need to know what it is likely to cost to get to the end.  At the Jarratt Martin Law, we are very transparent about pricing. We offer flat fee packages to allow you to control the money you spend. Most of my clients prefer to purchase a flat fee package because the flat fee provides a sense of comfort to the clients, a commitment to the process, and a finish line that the parties can see throughout the process.

So how do we know if Amanda Jarratt is the mediator for us?

Selecting a divorce mediator who is a good match should not be done over the internet. The success of your settlement efforts will depend greatly upon whether you can develop a report with your mediator. At the Jarratt Martin Law,  all potential mediation clients attend a Divorce Mediation Orientation. The Orientation is an opportunity for the mediator to meet with you and your spouse to discuss your case and the mediation process. We want your divorce mediation to be a success even if that means sending you to a mediator with a different style than my own. To set yours up, please schedule your Free Call.

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