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The cost of our fees varies by service. Mediation services are offered at an hourly rate of $350.00 per hour. Divorce Mediations typically cost between $3,500.00 and $8,500.00.

Family Law,  Trust Administration, and Litigation services are offered at an hourly rate of $350.00. We employ evergreen retainers that typically range between $3000.00 and $10,000.00. An evergreen retainer must be replenished each month until the last month. Your final bill is paid from your retainer. Hourly retainers are refundable. Meaning if you do not use the entire retainer, the balance is refunded to you at the end of your case.

Estate Planning services are offered at a flat fee. Estate plans typically cost between $600.00 and $3600.00 depending on the complexity of the planning and the number of parties involved.

Probate services are regulated by statute and therefore our fee is set by the law.

In addition to our fees, you may incur costs for court filing fees, process server fees, expert witness fees, and other expenses related to a legal process.

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