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I keep encouraging you to take that first step and schedule your Divorce Mediation Orientation. If you haven’t responded to my gentle nudges, is it because you aren’t sure what to expect? Just in case it is, let me tell you what to expect at your Divorce Mediation Orienation.

Divorce Mediation Orientations serve three purposes: (1) To educate you on our Divorce Mediation Services, (2) to allow the three of us a chance to mingle to see if we can comfortably communicate with each other, and (3) to answer questions you have about divorce mediation so you can make an informed decision.

First, I collect a few pieces of important personal information about you and your spouse. For instance the names and ages of your kids, whether you work outside of the home, and how long you two have been together. All of this information helps me to determine what your individual needs are.

Next, I define Divorce Mediation for you, explain our system, and explain various flat fee packages we offer. Once that is finished, I open the meeting up to your questions. While you can pose any question you wish, I do not provide legal advice at the orienations. Instead of asking who is right, you might consider asking me how I would help you work to reach an agreement if you get stuck on an issue. Because that is the real benefit of hiring me. I have tools and problem solving skills that can help you reach a complete settlement.  And to many people’s surprise, the agreements you make in mediation are better than the orders you could get in court.

The reason why I do not answer legal questions is because to do so at this stage of the process is unhelpful. You don’t come to divorce mediation to find out which one of you is right. That is what Judge’s do and even then you are going to be disappointed as they don’t pick who is right, rather they decide who gets what property and who gets the kids. You come to divorce mediation to have someone help you process through the emotional upset of divorce to find compromises that are going to benefit you, your spouse and your children in the long run. The divorce process can be a very short period of your life with long lasting impact. In mediation, I work to help you see beyond the temporary and into the future so you both make choices you are not going to regret 20 minutes after you sign the agreement.

Once your questions are answered, I will provide you with an opportunity to meet privately to discuss whether divorce mediation is right for you. If it is, then you pick the package you wish to purchase, and we set up your first session. And you can sigh with relief knowing that you have made a step in the right direction towards ending your marriage with respect and with your focus properly on making the best single life for yourselves as you can.

So what do you think? If you still aren’t ready to commit to a Divorce Mediation Orientation, you could schedule a Divorce Options call instead. I will spend up to 15 mintues with you on the phone trying to help you decide whether litigation, mediation, or collaborative law is right for you.

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