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Divorce Mediation is very effective for empty nesters. Although I have not conducted research into the matter, I believe that a large contributing factor is that empty nesters have found ways to compromise with one another long before coming to me.  And I would go further and say that I find that most of my empty nester clients came to the deicsion to end their marriage long before the children left. Many of them say that they stayed together for the children. And now that they are gone, the spouses have no further reason to delay the dissolution.

Divorce mediation works well for these long married couples because they are typically coming from a very different place emotionally than someone who has very recently made the decision to leave or who has recently been told they are being left. They have had a long period of time to process their emotions and can better separate the feelings from the functions that must be performed in order to go their separate ways.

Does this mean these long term spouses have fewer disputes than their shorter term marriage counterparts? Not really. The truth is that the length of their marriage has probably created far more entanglements that must be un-tangled during the divorce. Their kids still need to be told of the divorce and it is important that they be able to have a plan in place for dealing with holidays and the relationships they have developed with each others friends and family members.

Divorce mediation is an excellent option for the empty nester divorcing couple because in divorce mediation we focus on win-win resolutions. Together we build bridges that can allow you two to go your separate ways respectfully, tactfully, and orderly. While no process can make divorce pleasant, divorce mediation can certainly help to ease the burden of the transitions taking place in your life. Come learn more about it by scheduling a Divorce Mediation Orienation today.

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