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Attorney at Law and Certified Mediator

My name is Amanda. I earned my Law Degree with Highest Honors from Golden Gate University School of Law in 2005. I worked as a divorce litigation attorney for 8 of the 10 plus years that I have been licensed. In 2013, I completed my Mediator Certification through the Congress of Neutrals. Following my certification, Phillip Neiman, a renowned Marin County Mediator, mentored me. I have spent most of my career helping parents who are getting divorced. I prefer divorces with children because children are the silent parties to a divorce. They need professionals to help their parents through the transition so in turn their parents can help them through the transition.

Why Did I become a Divorce Mediation Lawyer?

I became a divorce mediation lawyer because I saw a lot of waste in the court divorce process. And I have never been good at accepting time or money wasting processes. As my mother kindly puts it, I could have worked as an efficiency expert because I have always had a knack for finding what is causing inefficiency and then devising solutions. For divorces, my solution is a Divorce Mediation Program that is comprehensive and flexible to fit a family’s unique needs.

As a divorce attorney mediator, I am able to serve divorcing families for a reasonable fee.  I am able to help them find closure in months rather than years, and I am able to reduce their stress by helping them to focus on building futures they want to live in rather than fighting over the past that is no more.

I am always looking to educate on the benefits of divorce mediation. Recently, I was interviewed by Steve Sleeper on Ask the Expert. I am a guest speaker for Divorce Care and other divorce support groups. I also facilitate the San Ramon Divorce Professionals Networking Group.

When I am not working, I stay busy raising 10-year-old twin boys. We enjoy video games, watching cartoons, and playing at the park. (Yes, in that order.) I look forward to hearing from you. I know together we can find the paths to your new single lives.